No matter the skill level or experience, our expert coaches are trained to recognize the potential in every athlete! They'll work with each athlete to determine goals and help guide them toward achievements they never thought possible.  

raine headshot.jpg
Raine Moskalla

As a former All Star cheerleader, Coach Raine is familiar with owning the mat! These days she's focused on helping her athletes do the same!

Joel Franges

Joel is a former elite gymnast and has been involved in all-star cheerleading for 25 years as a coach, choreographer and program director. He also worked for the National Cheerleading Association and judged for many years. Joel has always focused on making the sport positive for his athletes and producing well rounded cheerleaders that love the sport. Joel’s favorite coaching quote is “Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results”.

Jen Platts 

Jen is currently coaching her second season at Valley and prior to joining VEA she coached for 7 years for Palmerton. Her daughter Ava is on Valley's level 2 junior team - Junior Mints. She is very passionate about the sport and our athletes. Her goal is always to make sure that the girls have fun while learning new skills, all while building strong friendships with their teammates, making memories, and again HAVING FUN!